Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hye everyone, this is the last entries for this week. For this week is about subject in this semester. This is the review of the subject for this semester. As all of you already know, we must take 7 subjects for this subject that is CTU 241, FIN 262, QMT 216, BMD 101, ECO 211, BEL 311, and finally is co-curriculum subject which is HBU 134.

Let’s I’m start with the first subject, that is Fundamentals of Islamic Economics (FIN 262). These subjects are compulsory subject for all the students since we are at the semester one until semester three. Maybe all of the students thought that these subjects are easy to ketch up but if I’m didn’t read this book maybe we are lost and easy to get the lower mark. This is can also gives the bad effect to my CGPA for this semester. For this subject, we are only having just one class per week and it takes just only 2. For me, these subjects are interesting because when we do a presentation, we are happy because we get good impression from my classmate and they are also enjoying with the presentation.

Second is Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262). My first impressions for this subject are difficult and hard to bring because most of the senior tells that this subject are difficult to get score. After we already learn this subject, that is true what the senior inform but this subject are difficult to get score if we are lazy to do exercise and do not concentrated when lecturer give the explanation. What I’m wan t to says is `Practice makes perfect’ because if we are always do a revision and also exercise, remember the formula and it possible to get the higher mark and get score in the final. This subject has a lot of formula that we want to remember.

Third is Introduction to Statistic (QMT 216). This is subjects that are related with the mathematics subject when we are the form 5. So, it don’t give me worried but I have to do a lot of exercise and practice because as I’m tell before at my previous entries are this subject are difficult if we don’t want to do the exercise. This subject is simple and this subject has a big assignment that we need to calculated and also fined the calculation.

Forth, this is the different subject that we must to learn for my third language which is mandarin language with the code BMD 101. Yeah..... Finally we are already done and finished up the whole topic in the book for this semester. Lim laoshier teach me about the pronunciations and the translation for the mandarin word. Now, I already know a little bit how to pronounce the word. At the beginning class, it is very easy to ketch up but after the end of the class we have to study a lot of word that is quite difficult for me.

Fifth is macroeconomics subject (ECO 211). This is subjected are related with the whole economy. This subjected is a little bit hard and difficult compared to the microeconomic subjects because these subjects have a calculation and theory part. Lecturer for this subject is Miss Diana. She is nice person and she is also sporting.

Sixth is English for Academic Purpose (BEL 311). This is also compulsory subject. In my point of view, this subject has a lot of assignment to do which is term paper. This is hard to get score if we are not really follow these formats as Sir Izuan teach to their entire student. It is a skill how the student improving their skill in the English language. We are also already practice speaking every week to improve the proficiency English. We learn a lot of knowledge for this subject same like the previous semester. We are already learning how to pronounce the word as well as since the last semester.

Last but not least, the last subject that we take for this semester is co curriculum subject. HBU 134 which is Red Crescent Society III. This is the last subject for this semester because after that we are no longer to take this subject again. Finally we are finished studies for this subject and the final examination was coming on 17 April 2010. Wish me luck, guys. For this semester, I think that this semester is easier because we cannot do the assignment but we have to take a quizzes and test for this semester compared to the last semester because this is the new procedure that they used.

Finally, the final exam is around corner, wish me luck... = )


Hye, everyone. This is the next entries that we can do. This is the second last entries that we should do before the final exam is coming. This entries is about `First Day in UiTM’.. the sounds seems interesting. Let’s I share to all of you.....

26th December 2008 is a great time in my life because I have register as a student in UiTM,Segamat. First thing that I still remember is we arrived around 11 am and after that, they give me the key at collage Mutiara and the room number is 224. I’m stayed at level 2. I never expected that I can live here without my family.

The first things when I’m entered my room. I still think who my roommate is. Can I stay with her?? Huh..... It is hard for me to accept people that I don’t know them very much. But what the most important is... it does’t matter if there are too serious in the room but for me when we get the roommates that are too lazy it can give the bad impact.

Huh...... that is give me worried to think who is my roommates but after we done for packing, my roommates are coming and for the first time I’m see her... she looks like proud. Her name Nurshahira Bte Jalil. She takes the same course with me which am Diploma in Banking. But after a few hours, she introduces their self. Actually she is shame with me, that’s why she is difficult to smile at me.

After we have already done for register collage we have to attend all activity that the university organized. A lot of activity that we have to join up together which is included outdoor and indoor activities and we should wake up early and continues with the activity. It is too tired but for me it’s happening.
I'm really happy when the first time I'm entered in UiTM,Segamat. =)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

9 MARCH 2010- something bad happend!!!

Hye, see you again with the next entries........... For this week, we have to complete this entries according whatever we want. Something is hard for me to share to all of you but I must to do it because I think that one day we have trough it. I never expected that I can lose someone that I really love before this. Someone that for me is very special and I care about him. We are already known each other since we are at the form 5 and we are decide to declared couple. But, it just come for a while...... even though we are already couple around 4 years, that almost all of you think that we couple in a longer period. It makes me very disappointed because he laid me. He are already closed with someone that I never known about her before. Before that, we are usually stayed at the different place and we are seeing when we have a free time during the semester break.

It is difficult for me to through this because when we are already losses someone that we loved it is too hard to forget about him. When these situations occur to me, it makes me disappointed with him. He is already having someone at their collage and they always study together and he laid me and tells me that he love with the girls. For the first time I’m hear that, it make me down and don’t believed with that, but after we see together that have he, her and me..... It is too hard to believe that they are already coupling and he decided to choose the girl....

Do you think that girls are very special for him???? I don’t think so... because for me and my friend’s experience, guys only want their girlfriends in the front because it can give them easier to handle and care about her. Maybe they think they can make me hurt when seeing they are happy with the girls, unfortunately that is totally wrong because I will never give up and I can try my best to improve my life without him. That’s difficult for me to forgive and forget what they do at me..... But I have to do it. What the most important is I can’t ever go back with him again. That’s all. = (

Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Things That I The Most

Hello my friends, we see again with the next entries. For this week the topic are about 10 things that I hate almost in the world. It is so interesting topic and I like it. Lets me talk about that........

1) I hate cockroach
I have already tells to all of you about myself before that. I really hate cockroach because it to smelly and can fly anywhere since I’m at 7 years old. This is because when I’m at 7 years old, these insects always disturb me at the toilet. There is so disgusting and make me hate this insect the most.

2) Cheat person
I really hate cheat person. Since I’m at the form 3 I really hate with the cheat person because I’m feel they just want to make the other person in trouble. Other than that, I think they just want to make their self feel happy when they look the other people feel in trouble.

3) Rude guys
I really hate with the people who are too rude with the girl. This is because I’m see that certain boys are like to be rude with the girl. They usually use the harsh word when he is in angry. That is too much for me.

4) Dirty places
As I’m says at the previous entries, I really hate with the dirty place. This is because dirty place are too smelly and do not comfortable with me.

5) Hot tempered person
Before that, I have special boyfriend that have this attitude. It’s so make me tension because he is hot tempered even though we have a small problem, he make the problem are too big and this is make me feel tension and bored about him. Lastly, I’m deciding to break up with this boy and start to begin the new life and start to improve my life.

6) Tension.
I really hate tension because when I’m feeling tension I’m can crying and feel bad every day. Besides that, I’m really don’t like to feel tension because it can make me dizzy and messy with my own self.

7) Traffic jam
I really hate traffic jam because it is can make me feel dizzy and angry. Besides that, it is can make me arrived late.

8) Headache
I really hate when I’m feel headache. This is because it can make me feel lazy to do my own work.

9) Science subject
Hehehehehehe. Since I’m at the standard 5 I’m really hate science subject because for me it’s maybe little bit difficult.

10) I hate someone that make me crying
Someone that I love and he make me cry, it is so disappointed because for me he must to take care about me and he must to make me feel happy not crying. I really hate this people that make me crying and hurt my heart.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hye guys, that is the next entries that are about my 10 wish list. Actually this topic is little bit difficult for me because it is so many wish that I have to put in this entries. Hehehehehe. But this topic is not very bored because from that, all of you can know what my 10 wish list is. I started with the first point....

1) Help my parents.
If I’m having already worked, I wish to help my parents by giving them a sum of money and also give them to comfortable for their life.

2) Businesswomen.
That’s my dreamt since I’m at the form five that is 17 years old. before that, my ambition is I want to be a doctor or a teacher, but after I’m see my sister with their own business I want to be like her. Business is something that’s are simple and easy to achieved profit if we are try to worked harder to achieved the profit. This is another factor that’s I like to be a businesswoman.

3) Married.
Hahahahaha.... That’s my wish when I’m already reach at the 25 years old. I want to get married with my future husband that I don’t know really yet. That’s also funny because it is early for me to think about that. After I’m see preparation for my sister weeding, I’m feel happy to looks that.

4) BMW 5 series.
This is my dreamt car and which one my which list. Hehehehehe. I dreamt to use BMW series car because this car are very smart and beautiful one. I like the shape of the car and model of the car. It is so unique and smart for me even though these cars are so expensive compared to other car.

5) Future husband.
Maybe this is my interesting wish. To find future husband is a little bit difficult for the other women and also for me, I wish to find the future husband that is sporting, pampered, romantic, responsible and kind person.

6) Lot of money.
As I’m telling before that, I wish to be a businesswoman because I want to collect a lot of money. This is because, as we can see to be a businesswoman have to used a lot of money and can get a more profit if I’m try to worked harder to get more profit.

7) Dean List.
That is my wish for this year that is wants to get Dean List for this year. Maybe I can try to work harder to achieve the best result to get the Dean List. Maybe I can do more exercise to make me perfect and excellent for the whole subject.

8) Great Wedding.
Maybe I want to try to get the best and great wedding for me when I’m get married. Maybe it can be like the superstars. Hehehehe. I want wedding theme same like the English style maybe. Even though it can take a lot of money, I wish to collect my money to fulfil my wish.

9) Graduate on time.
That is another wish list that is graduate on time. For sure, for all student want to graduate on time same like me even though I’m can try to improve my attitude and also my result for the whole subjects to get the best result and I can graduate on time.

10) Own house.
The last one, I wish to buy my own house when I’m reach 27 years old. Maybe it can take a longer time for me to buy my own house, but it is reality... I want to buy my own house which is maybe Bungalow.. Hehehehehe. If I success in my life I want to buy my own house for my future life

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Lovely Classmate

Hello everyone.... this is the next entries that we can do. That is about our classmate D3D1. Lets me talk about them one by one. that`s are very interesting right?? hehehehehe. I start with the first person that's is Roslaili or we just call her Lily

1) Lily- She is polite person. After 3 semester, I already know that Lily is the polite person and do not like to be an epochs like us. Hehehehehe. Seriously, she is kind person because if I want her to teach me about the calculation subject, she sincerely to teach me and my friends and we feel comfortable with her.

2) Shahira- We are not close yet but we are still friends. Actually, she stays at the collage` Baiduri’ but in the third semester she changed to stay at the college in the sector B because she has a lot of friends in there. She is also quite person in the class.

3) Zulaika- She is the class rap in my class and almost of the lecturer known her. She is talkative person.

4) Isma- She is my class rap for the subject Eco 211. She is rough person. Even though she looks like the rough she is also kind person.

5) Kak Azlina-I did’t know about her because she is not from my class before that but if we are meet at the classes we are also smile to each other. It is because at my class we are totally girls and we are friendly each other.

6) Erien- She does’t like to talk. I did’t know why she is very silent and do not like to talk to their friends. Even though we are not to close each other, we are also friends.

7) Nabila- She is the very cheerful person. She is the youngest student in my class. This is because she is 19 years old. Even though she is the youngest one in my class, she is sporting person.

8) Baizura- She is strict person and she don’t like to be a talkative person. She is also kind person.

9) Ezzah- Ezzah is talkative person. This is because she likes to talk and talk with the person who is stay besides her. She has a lot of story to share with the other person even though she did’t know and close with the people.

10) Adila- She is polite person. She is also committed person. She is clever girl. She is looks like `ustazah’ because she is wear something that nice for me.

11) Jannah- She is talkative person and easy to friends with the other people. She has a own style when she are talking. That’s nice. She have a something attitude that are unique for the other people especially in my class.

12) Aisya- She is kind person. I like to be their friends with her. This is because she is kind and she has a noble heart person. She is also sporting person and I like it.

13) Shakira- She is talkative person. Even though she is in small size, their voices are very loud and clear. It is can make the other people easy to understand when she is talking.

14) Misnahaini- She is quite person and do not like to talk too much like us. Hehehhe. She is the best friends with the Syakira. She is also kind. I know her when we are at the same class since in the semester 2.

15) Amalina –I just call her `Moon’ same like the other friends just call her with the nick name that is ‘Moon’. Hehehehe. That is very cute name. I like it. She is very humble and I like to become close with her. She is also cheerful person.

16) K.Azie- She is the older one in my class. She is small size compared the other. Even though she is the older one in my class she is also look like same age with all of my class. She is cheerful person. She is excellent in the account subject.

17) Yana- Her full name is Nordiana Bte Hj Mat Hussin. She is my best friends in the class beside zatiey and fatiha. She likes to laugh loudly same with the zatiey. She is humble and sporting person. We became close since the last semester. This is because she is come from Johor same like me and we always go back together.

18) Dayah-Her full name is Norhidayah Bte Basri. I like her style because she is very humble and sometimes she is funny. I just call her Dayah. I become close with her since in the part one because we are at the same class in the semester one until the third semester. She is sporting person

19) Fatiha –Her full name is Nurul Fatiha Bte Zahid. She is clever girl in the class. Every semester she got the dean list students and I wish her good luck for this semester. She is my best friends in the class. We are became close since the last semester same with Yana. She is also come from Johor and we are always come back together. She always teaches me and my friends especially in the calculation subject.

20)Ramiza- Ramiza is a kind person. Besides that, she is also clever girl in the class. She is my class rap for the subject which is Bel311. She is responsible person because if we don’t have class she can tell everyone and she make sure that every person in the class know about that. She is have a noble heart and I feel comfortable when I friends with her.

21)Huda-Her full name is Ainnur Huda Bte Jaafar. I just call her Huda. She is kind and humble person. We became close when we are in the same co-curriculum which is red resident . she is also sporting person and I feel comfortable when we are working to together to do the assignment last semester.

22)Elena- That is me...... =)

23)Izzaty- Her full name is Nur Izzati Binti Zainal Abidin. I just call her Zatiey. She is my best friends since we are at the part one. She is also kind person. We are stay at the same collage and my room and she are very near and we are always gossips together when we have a free time. We are also study together. She is sporting person and she has the same characteristic with Yana which is laugh loudly together. That is Zatiey.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello everyone..... This is the next entries.That is about valentine day. I never celebrated Valentine’s Day. Just like same before this I never celebrate this day because our Muslim are not allowed to celebrated this day because it’s not a Muslim culture and we as the Muslim are not allowed to followed that.

Even though I never celebrate this day, I very surprise when he give me a teddy bear. He tells me that he wants me to be the special friend and he wants me to take care about himself. I very surprise when he give me a teddy bear and he send the bear at my home by their self.

Today, I feel very happy when I received something that very cute and big size and I appreciate it from him. That is the something that I never expected I will achieved happiness like this. Actually, we are best friend since we are the form three and we are declare to be a special friends and today valentine day is very happy for me.

This is because he gives me a big bear and sends the bear at my home and that is very romantic. We are not interested to celebrate this day but he makes me surprise when I looked him with the big size bear and give it to me. That is the shock situation that I feel today. Hehehehe. Before I received the present from him, I hang out with my friends and we see many of the teenagers are celebrated this day by wear the couple shirt, watching movie, shopping, and spent their time with their beloved.