Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hye guys, that is the next entries that are about my 10 wish list. Actually this topic is little bit difficult for me because it is so many wish that I have to put in this entries. Hehehehehe. But this topic is not very bored because from that, all of you can know what my 10 wish list is. I started with the first point....

1) Help my parents.
If I’m having already worked, I wish to help my parents by giving them a sum of money and also give them to comfortable for their life.

2) Businesswomen.
That’s my dreamt since I’m at the form five that is 17 years old. before that, my ambition is I want to be a doctor or a teacher, but after I’m see my sister with their own business I want to be like her. Business is something that’s are simple and easy to achieved profit if we are try to worked harder to achieved the profit. This is another factor that’s I like to be a businesswoman.

3) Married.
Hahahahaha.... That’s my wish when I’m already reach at the 25 years old. I want to get married with my future husband that I don’t know really yet. That’s also funny because it is early for me to think about that. After I’m see preparation for my sister weeding, I’m feel happy to looks that.

4) BMW 5 series.
This is my dreamt car and which one my which list. Hehehehehe. I dreamt to use BMW series car because this car are very smart and beautiful one. I like the shape of the car and model of the car. It is so unique and smart for me even though these cars are so expensive compared to other car.

5) Future husband.
Maybe this is my interesting wish. To find future husband is a little bit difficult for the other women and also for me, I wish to find the future husband that is sporting, pampered, romantic, responsible and kind person.

6) Lot of money.
As I’m telling before that, I wish to be a businesswoman because I want to collect a lot of money. This is because, as we can see to be a businesswoman have to used a lot of money and can get a more profit if I’m try to worked harder to get more profit.

7) Dean List.
That is my wish for this year that is wants to get Dean List for this year. Maybe I can try to work harder to achieve the best result to get the Dean List. Maybe I can do more exercise to make me perfect and excellent for the whole subject.

8) Great Wedding.
Maybe I want to try to get the best and great wedding for me when I’m get married. Maybe it can be like the superstars. Hehehehe. I want wedding theme same like the English style maybe. Even though it can take a lot of money, I wish to collect my money to fulfil my wish.

9) Graduate on time.
That is another wish list that is graduate on time. For sure, for all student want to graduate on time same like me even though I’m can try to improve my attitude and also my result for the whole subjects to get the best result and I can graduate on time.

10) Own house.
The last one, I wish to buy my own house when I’m reach 27 years old. Maybe it can take a longer time for me to buy my own house, but it is reality... I want to buy my own house which is maybe Bungalow.. Hehehehehe. If I success in my life I want to buy my own house for my future life

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