Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello everyone..... This is the next entries.That is about valentine day. I never celebrated Valentine’s Day. Just like same before this I never celebrate this day because our Muslim are not allowed to celebrated this day because it’s not a Muslim culture and we as the Muslim are not allowed to followed that.

Even though I never celebrate this day, I very surprise when he give me a teddy bear. He tells me that he wants me to be the special friend and he wants me to take care about himself. I very surprise when he give me a teddy bear and he send the bear at my home by their self.

Today, I feel very happy when I received something that very cute and big size and I appreciate it from him. That is the something that I never expected I will achieved happiness like this. Actually, we are best friend since we are the form three and we are declare to be a special friends and today valentine day is very happy for me.

This is because he gives me a big bear and sends the bear at my home and that is very romantic. We are not interested to celebrate this day but he makes me surprise when I looked him with the big size bear and give it to me. That is the shock situation that I feel today. Hehehehe. Before I received the present from him, I hang out with my friends and we see many of the teenagers are celebrated this day by wear the couple shirt, watching movie, shopping, and spent their time with their beloved.

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