Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Lovely Classmate

Hello everyone.... this is the next entries that we can do. That is about our classmate D3D1. Lets me talk about them one by one. that`s are very interesting right?? hehehehehe. I start with the first person that's is Roslaili or we just call her Lily

1) Lily- She is polite person. After 3 semester, I already know that Lily is the polite person and do not like to be an epochs like us. Hehehehehe. Seriously, she is kind person because if I want her to teach me about the calculation subject, she sincerely to teach me and my friends and we feel comfortable with her.

2) Shahira- We are not close yet but we are still friends. Actually, she stays at the collage` Baiduri’ but in the third semester she changed to stay at the college in the sector B because she has a lot of friends in there. She is also quite person in the class.

3) Zulaika- She is the class rap in my class and almost of the lecturer known her. She is talkative person.

4) Isma- She is my class rap for the subject Eco 211. She is rough person. Even though she looks like the rough she is also kind person.

5) Kak Azlina-I did’t know about her because she is not from my class before that but if we are meet at the classes we are also smile to each other. It is because at my class we are totally girls and we are friendly each other.

6) Erien- She does’t like to talk. I did’t know why she is very silent and do not like to talk to their friends. Even though we are not to close each other, we are also friends.

7) Nabila- She is the very cheerful person. She is the youngest student in my class. This is because she is 19 years old. Even though she is the youngest one in my class, she is sporting person.

8) Baizura- She is strict person and she don’t like to be a talkative person. She is also kind person.

9) Ezzah- Ezzah is talkative person. This is because she likes to talk and talk with the person who is stay besides her. She has a lot of story to share with the other person even though she did’t know and close with the people.

10) Adila- She is polite person. She is also committed person. She is clever girl. She is looks like `ustazah’ because she is wear something that nice for me.

11) Jannah- She is talkative person and easy to friends with the other people. She has a own style when she are talking. That’s nice. She have a something attitude that are unique for the other people especially in my class.

12) Aisya- She is kind person. I like to be their friends with her. This is because she is kind and she has a noble heart person. She is also sporting person and I like it.

13) Shakira- She is talkative person. Even though she is in small size, their voices are very loud and clear. It is can make the other people easy to understand when she is talking.

14) Misnahaini- She is quite person and do not like to talk too much like us. Hehehhe. She is the best friends with the Syakira. She is also kind. I know her when we are at the same class since in the semester 2.

15) Amalina –I just call her `Moon’ same like the other friends just call her with the nick name that is ‘Moon’. Hehehehe. That is very cute name. I like it. She is very humble and I like to become close with her. She is also cheerful person.

16) K.Azie- She is the older one in my class. She is small size compared the other. Even though she is the older one in my class she is also look like same age with all of my class. She is cheerful person. She is excellent in the account subject.

17) Yana- Her full name is Nordiana Bte Hj Mat Hussin. She is my best friends in the class beside zatiey and fatiha. She likes to laugh loudly same with the zatiey. She is humble and sporting person. We became close since the last semester. This is because she is come from Johor same like me and we always go back together.

18) Dayah-Her full name is Norhidayah Bte Basri. I like her style because she is very humble and sometimes she is funny. I just call her Dayah. I become close with her since in the part one because we are at the same class in the semester one until the third semester. She is sporting person

19) Fatiha –Her full name is Nurul Fatiha Bte Zahid. She is clever girl in the class. Every semester she got the dean list students and I wish her good luck for this semester. She is my best friends in the class. We are became close since the last semester same with Yana. She is also come from Johor and we are always come back together. She always teaches me and my friends especially in the calculation subject.

20)Ramiza- Ramiza is a kind person. Besides that, she is also clever girl in the class. She is my class rap for the subject which is Bel311. She is responsible person because if we don’t have class she can tell everyone and she make sure that every person in the class know about that. She is have a noble heart and I feel comfortable when I friends with her.

21)Huda-Her full name is Ainnur Huda Bte Jaafar. I just call her Huda. She is kind and humble person. We became close when we are in the same co-curriculum which is red resident . she is also sporting person and I feel comfortable when we are working to together to do the assignment last semester.

22)Elena- That is me...... =)

23)Izzaty- Her full name is Nur Izzati Binti Zainal Abidin. I just call her Zatiey. She is my best friends since we are at the part one. She is also kind person. We are stay at the same collage and my room and she are very near and we are always gossips together when we have a free time. We are also study together. She is sporting person and she has the same characteristic with Yana which is laugh loudly together. That is Zatiey.

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