Sunday, March 28, 2010

9 MARCH 2010- something bad happend!!!

Hye, see you again with the next entries........... For this week, we have to complete this entries according whatever we want. Something is hard for me to share to all of you but I must to do it because I think that one day we have trough it. I never expected that I can lose someone that I really love before this. Someone that for me is very special and I care about him. We are already known each other since we are at the form 5 and we are decide to declared couple. But, it just come for a while...... even though we are already couple around 4 years, that almost all of you think that we couple in a longer period. It makes me very disappointed because he laid me. He are already closed with someone that I never known about her before. Before that, we are usually stayed at the different place and we are seeing when we have a free time during the semester break.

It is difficult for me to through this because when we are already losses someone that we loved it is too hard to forget about him. When these situations occur to me, it makes me disappointed with him. He is already having someone at their collage and they always study together and he laid me and tells me that he love with the girls. For the first time I’m hear that, it make me down and don’t believed with that, but after we see together that have he, her and me..... It is too hard to believe that they are already coupling and he decided to choose the girl....

Do you think that girls are very special for him???? I don’t think so... because for me and my friend’s experience, guys only want their girlfriends in the front because it can give them easier to handle and care about her. Maybe they think they can make me hurt when seeing they are happy with the girls, unfortunately that is totally wrong because I will never give up and I can try my best to improve my life without him. That’s difficult for me to forgive and forget what they do at me..... But I have to do it. What the most important is I can’t ever go back with him again. That’s all. = (

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