Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hye everyone, this is the last entries for this week. For this week is about subject in this semester. This is the review of the subject for this semester. As all of you already know, we must take 7 subjects for this subject that is CTU 241, FIN 262, QMT 216, BMD 101, ECO 211, BEL 311, and finally is co-curriculum subject which is HBU 134.

Let’s I’m start with the first subject, that is Fundamentals of Islamic Economics (FIN 262). These subjects are compulsory subject for all the students since we are at the semester one until semester three. Maybe all of the students thought that these subjects are easy to ketch up but if I’m didn’t read this book maybe we are lost and easy to get the lower mark. This is can also gives the bad effect to my CGPA for this semester. For this subject, we are only having just one class per week and it takes just only 2. For me, these subjects are interesting because when we do a presentation, we are happy because we get good impression from my classmate and they are also enjoying with the presentation.

Second is Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262). My first impressions for this subject are difficult and hard to bring because most of the senior tells that this subject are difficult to get score. After we already learn this subject, that is true what the senior inform but this subject are difficult to get score if we are lazy to do exercise and do not concentrated when lecturer give the explanation. What I’m wan t to says is `Practice makes perfect’ because if we are always do a revision and also exercise, remember the formula and it possible to get the higher mark and get score in the final. This subject has a lot of formula that we want to remember.

Third is Introduction to Statistic (QMT 216). This is subjects that are related with the mathematics subject when we are the form 5. So, it don’t give me worried but I have to do a lot of exercise and practice because as I’m tell before at my previous entries are this subject are difficult if we don’t want to do the exercise. This subject is simple and this subject has a big assignment that we need to calculated and also fined the calculation.

Forth, this is the different subject that we must to learn for my third language which is mandarin language with the code BMD 101. Yeah..... Finally we are already done and finished up the whole topic in the book for this semester. Lim laoshier teach me about the pronunciations and the translation for the mandarin word. Now, I already know a little bit how to pronounce the word. At the beginning class, it is very easy to ketch up but after the end of the class we have to study a lot of word that is quite difficult for me.

Fifth is macroeconomics subject (ECO 211). This is subjected are related with the whole economy. This subjected is a little bit hard and difficult compared to the microeconomic subjects because these subjects have a calculation and theory part. Lecturer for this subject is Miss Diana. She is nice person and she is also sporting.

Sixth is English for Academic Purpose (BEL 311). This is also compulsory subject. In my point of view, this subject has a lot of assignment to do which is term paper. This is hard to get score if we are not really follow these formats as Sir Izuan teach to their entire student. It is a skill how the student improving their skill in the English language. We are also already practice speaking every week to improve the proficiency English. We learn a lot of knowledge for this subject same like the previous semester. We are already learning how to pronounce the word as well as since the last semester.

Last but not least, the last subject that we take for this semester is co curriculum subject. HBU 134 which is Red Crescent Society III. This is the last subject for this semester because after that we are no longer to take this subject again. Finally we are finished studies for this subject and the final examination was coming on 17 April 2010. Wish me luck, guys. For this semester, I think that this semester is easier because we cannot do the assignment but we have to take a quizzes and test for this semester compared to the last semester because this is the new procedure that they used.

Finally, the final exam is around corner, wish me luck... = )

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