Sunday, April 4, 2010


Hye, everyone. This is the next entries that we can do. This is the second last entries that we should do before the final exam is coming. This entries is about `First Day in UiTM’.. the sounds seems interesting. Let’s I share to all of you.....

26th December 2008 is a great time in my life because I have register as a student in UiTM,Segamat. First thing that I still remember is we arrived around 11 am and after that, they give me the key at collage Mutiara and the room number is 224. I’m stayed at level 2. I never expected that I can live here without my family.

The first things when I’m entered my room. I still think who my roommate is. Can I stay with her?? Huh..... It is hard for me to accept people that I don’t know them very much. But what the most important is... it does’t matter if there are too serious in the room but for me when we get the roommates that are too lazy it can give the bad impact.

Huh...... that is give me worried to think who is my roommates but after we done for packing, my roommates are coming and for the first time I’m see her... she looks like proud. Her name Nurshahira Bte Jalil. She takes the same course with me which am Diploma in Banking. But after a few hours, she introduces their self. Actually she is shame with me, that’s why she is difficult to smile at me.

After we have already done for register collage we have to attend all activity that the university organized. A lot of activity that we have to join up together which is included outdoor and indoor activities and we should wake up early and continues with the activity. It is too tired but for me it’s happening.
I'm really happy when the first time I'm entered in UiTM,Segamat. =)

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