Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Things That I The Most

Hello my friends, we see again with the next entries. For this week the topic are about 10 things that I hate almost in the world. It is so interesting topic and I like it. Lets me talk about that........

1) I hate cockroach
I have already tells to all of you about myself before that. I really hate cockroach because it to smelly and can fly anywhere since I’m at 7 years old. This is because when I’m at 7 years old, these insects always disturb me at the toilet. There is so disgusting and make me hate this insect the most.

2) Cheat person
I really hate cheat person. Since I’m at the form 3 I really hate with the cheat person because I’m feel they just want to make the other person in trouble. Other than that, I think they just want to make their self feel happy when they look the other people feel in trouble.

3) Rude guys
I really hate with the people who are too rude with the girl. This is because I’m see that certain boys are like to be rude with the girl. They usually use the harsh word when he is in angry. That is too much for me.

4) Dirty places
As I’m says at the previous entries, I really hate with the dirty place. This is because dirty place are too smelly and do not comfortable with me.

5) Hot tempered person
Before that, I have special boyfriend that have this attitude. It’s so make me tension because he is hot tempered even though we have a small problem, he make the problem are too big and this is make me feel tension and bored about him. Lastly, I’m deciding to break up with this boy and start to begin the new life and start to improve my life.

6) Tension.
I really hate tension because when I’m feeling tension I’m can crying and feel bad every day. Besides that, I’m really don’t like to feel tension because it can make me dizzy and messy with my own self.

7) Traffic jam
I really hate traffic jam because it is can make me feel dizzy and angry. Besides that, it is can make me arrived late.

8) Headache
I really hate when I’m feel headache. This is because it can make me feel lazy to do my own work.

9) Science subject
Hehehehehehe. Since I’m at the standard 5 I’m really hate science subject because for me it’s maybe little bit difficult.

10) I hate someone that make me crying
Someone that I love and he make me cry, it is so disappointed because for me he must to take care about me and he must to make me feel happy not crying. I really hate this people that make me crying and hurt my heart.

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