Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 Facts About Love

Hello everyone, this is the next entries that we can do for this week. These topics are related about love. Most of you want to find the true love especially among teenagers. Love is something that everyone wants to fulfil their life with someone that is special for them. Love is that first feeling you feel before you started to love him. Some of the girls want to know what the facts to make any guy fall in love with all of you girls. Lets me shared to all of you the 5 facts that every girl needs to know to make any guys fall in love with them.

1. Be comfortable with yourself.
How can you expect a guy to love you if you can't even love yourself? Relationships are not meant to solve all of your emotional issues, which are what psychologist is there for. If you try to jump into a relationship while an emotional, you only end up in scaring the guy away. Being comfortable with yourself breeds confidence which men that you love very much.

2. Do not run in blind.
Before you make your first move, take time to get to know a little more about the guy you hope to be with. What are his hobbies? What are his future goals? What kind of girls does he like? You do not need to ask him a lot of questionnaire, just know enough so that if you were to strike up a conversation with him you will be entertaining and interesting.

3. Communicate.
Love is not based on the physical level it is much deeper than that. Guy will never fall in love with you if you never give him the opportunity to get to know your personality, your emotions, which you are inside. Communicating does not only have to be talking. Girls needs cover their communication when they are communicate with guys and do not ask the same question because it can make that guys feel bored with her. If the girls like to communicate with their family as well as it can make him happy with you and he can think that you are the only best one girl that he was find before that.

4. Confident.
Guy is looking for a girl that he can be proud of introducing her to his friends and his parents if need be. So make certain that you dress well and look attractive to any man's eyes. You will have to be noticed by him first, before he can even fall in love with you.

5. Personality
Guys wants to fall in love with someone who is the exact opposite of him. That's why they say that opposites attract and that's why guy fall in love with girl. If you have a tom-boy looks with a short crop and sport a military fatigue, then it's time that you changed your wardrobe and even invested in some fine lace. Else why would a man need you, he would just be satisfied with his own self!

That’s all about 5 facts that all of girls needs to know to make guys fall in love. Every one of girls wants the best men to fulfil their life with some special right?? So, all of you must take care your personality, communication ,try to be confident as well as, do not run in blind and try to be yourself. Even though you had fallen in love with someone, you must to remember to love God because God is always besides all of you and always to protect you from the bad things.

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