Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 Facts about me

Hye everyone, see you again with the next entries. These topics are about 10 facts about me. I know all of you want to know what the 10 facts about me. Hehe, let’s me share with all of you what are the 10 facts about myself.

Firstly, I’m the person that hate cockroach very much. I hate cockroach because it’s like insect that infects kitchen. It is also smelly and dirty insect that I really hate. Besides that, I’m also afraid with the cockroach because there can fly anywhere there like and it can make me not comfortable. I will also feel nauseating and I can shout loudly if I’m saw cockroach. Even though the other people says that cockroach do not disturb me, I will also feel afraid with that insects.

Secondly, I’m the sleepy person. I’m really like to sleep if I will get the free time. It is because when I sleep I will feel good and cheerful to go to class. For me, sleeping is important things to me after study and does a lot of assignment. I’m preferred to sleep at hostel because when I’m stay at hostel during weekend, I will get the more time to sleep.

Third, I’m the person that easy to shacking. It’s very surprise to all of you when you read my entries. Let’s me shared to all of you why I’m easy to get shacking. This is not because I have a disease but it’s my natural behaviour that is easy to get shacking. I’m feel easy to get shacking during I feel hungry and stay at the cold place. I’m also easy to feel shacking sometimes. My friends always ask me why I’m always shacking even though when we stay for a while to discuss about the assignment. I really do not know why I easy to shacking until now.

Fourth, I’m loved to share my problem with my beloved friend and my mum. This is because I’m much closed with my mum because they are very sporting and supportive person. Besides that, I liked to shred my problem with my only beloved friends that is Shahida because she liked to advice me if I’m have the problems that are related with my life. I don’t like to keep secret my problems because I can easily get stress to solve my problems myself. I liked to shared my problems with my beloved friends to make sure she give me advice and support if I’m have the trouble in my study.

Fifth, I’m the hot-tempered person. My friends always says that I’m very sporting and happy go lucky and certain of them don’t trust me when I says that I’m the hot-tempered person. I will easily to feel angry with person that are make me trouble. I don’t like person that want to take my advantages just because they want to enjoy with their friends. I don’t like to give or shared the other person my belongings without my permission. I easy to feel angry if my roommates make my room and also their room in the dirty situation.

SixthI’m friendly person. I liked to friends with all of you if they are sporting and kind person. That is because I’m liked to find more friends with the different country. This is can teach me to become close to them. I also easy to communicate with the other people especially someone that re sporting and talkative person. I liked to find more friends because it is good to have more friends in my life.

Seventh, I’m liked to collect pencil box. I’m the people that are very liked to collect other types of pencil box in different colour and different shape. This is because I liked to collect pencil box that are have the striking colour because I like the colourful things even though that are the simple things. I’m also like to collect the unique pencil box that I think it’s difficult to find now. I have lot types of pencil box and I put it in my fancy box at my room at home. That’s very cute and interesting things that I really liked it.

Eighth, I’m the person that easy to get cry. Hehehe. That is because I’m the emotional person even though I’m is the hot-tempered person. That’s is the surprise to all of you because all of you always see me as the happy go lucky but I easy cry if someone make me trouble. I’m also the sensitive person and can easily to get cry when I’m feel tension and stress with my life and also easy to crying when I watch the movie that are show the sad drama.

Ninth, I’m the clumsy person. I can automatically be a clumsy person when my works are not complete yet, I will feel clumsy and my friends also says me the same things. If my assignments are not finish yet, I can do my assignment until I can back to the normal. If my works are not competed yet, I will also easy to get stress and can be a clumsy person. That is my bad attitudes that me cannot change until now guys.

Last but not least, I don’t like chocolate. It is different with the other girls that like to eat chocolate but not me. This is because it can give me headache with the flavour of the chocolate. Sometimes, the other people around me eat chocolate when they feel tension but for me it can make me mare stress because i can easily get headache when i eat chocolate. That's all about the 10 facts that I’m shared to all of you. So, I will see all of you with the next entries. Daa..........

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