Saturday, January 23, 2010

My roommates

Hye everyone, this is the third task that we can done for the assignment in this week. These tasks are about my roommates. This is the very interesting topic that I like compared to the other topic.

For this semester, I will have the same roommates like the last semester. I will surprise that I will get the same members in my room. We stay in the same collage that is in Mutiara in 139. We cannot introduce each other because we are the same roommates since the last semester. So, I would like to introduce about my roommates for this semester.

Firstly, I would like to introduce my first roommates that are Nurshahira Bte Jalil. She comes from Puchong, Selangor. She is my roommates since I’m in the first semester. I just call her Syira. She has the same character with me that is sleepy person. She’s taking the same course with me that Diploma in Banking (DIB). Even though we are taken the same course, we are stay at different class since we are in the first semester. Her favourites colour is purple and majority her clothes and belongings are in purple colour. She has the same favourite colour with other roommate that is my junior since the last semester. She is strict and fussy person. She does’t like to eat the other food besides fried chicken. She likes to surf Internet during get the free time. She has six siblings and she is the second last in their family.

Secondly, I will introduce my other roommates that are Khalida Bte Khilmie. I just call her Khalida. Actually, she wants to be a commander but she refuse to continue to be a commander because she feels tired to be a commander and it can take their time by doing outdoor activities. Now she is Part 2 and taking course in Diploma in Computer Science (DCS). She is my junior since the last semester. She is talkative girl and likes to laugh. She comes from Nilai, seremban. She has 4 siblings and she is the eldest one in their family. She likes to eat burger very much and the favourite drinks are coke. She also likes to go holidays and likes to read novel during have the free time. Her favourite colour is red.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce my last roommate that is Rohaina Bte Abdul Wahab.she also is my junior. She comes from Kampung Tengah, Segamat. I just called her wyna. She’s currently in semester 2 same like khalida and taking Diploma in Business Study in Transportation (DBST). She has 3 siblings and she is the last one in their family. She likes to collect the purple things and majority their clothes are in purple colour. That is interesting because I’m never see person that really obsess their favourite colour. She is very sporting person and likes to story about the dad. She is very close with the dad because she says that the dad is very kind and hard to get angry with her. She likes to play game during have the free time.

That’s all about my roommates. See you again in the next entries and I hope all of you enjoy with my entries. Hehe. See you again guys.

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