Friday, January 15, 2010

Hye, guys.... this is the second task that we can do for the assessment that is about subject in this semester. Last semester I will take six subjects for the semester 2 included my co- curriculum subject. For this semester, we have to take a lot of subjects that is totally seven subjects. In addition, for this semester we have the subjects that have 4 credit hours. It is important subjects to increase my pointer better than the last semester. For this semester, we take the seven subjects that are BEL 311, BMD 101, CTU 241, FIN 262, QMT 216, and the co- curriculum subjects HBU 134.

Firstly, I will introduce my subjects for this semester that is CTU 241. CTU 241 means Fundamentals of Islamic Economic. This is the compulsory subjects for the students to take it. This subject is about Islamic economy. I will learn a lot of knowledge about Islamic economy that are very simple and easy to understand. This is the interesting subjects that are related with life sometimes. Now, I want to introduce about my lecturer for CTU 241 that is the Ustazah Siti Aishah Bte Sokhibul Fadil. She is very sporting person, quite fun and close with their students also. She likes to share their story with the students. Moreover she is also strict person because she doesn’t like their student making the same mistake during do the assignment. She likes to give advice to students that are in trouble.

Besides that, the second subjects that I will introduce are BEL 311. BEL 311 means English for Academic Purpose. That is the last paper that we take for this semester. For this subjects, I will learn how to do the term paper as well as. This paper are very heavy because it need a lot of knowledge to writing carefully about the topic are given. In addition, I will learn how to write the essay better than before this. Sir Izuan Bin Ismail will teach me at two semesters. He is very strict and responsible person. Hopefully for these subjects I will get the best `A’.

Third, I will introduce the next subjects that are FIN 262. FIN means Fundamentals of Finance. These subjects are very heavy and quite difficult. My first impression I will think that the subject are difficult to understand but my opinion are totally different because my lecturer teach their student very clearly and easy to understand what the topic are about. My lecturer name is madam Norsaliza. She already married. She came from Perak. She is very sporting person. She teaches me very clearly and we can easily get the information. Hopefully, I will try my best to get `A’ for these subjects even though some of my seniors tell that the paper are difficult to get scored and it maybe can drop the pointer if we lazy to study hard.

On the other hand, the next subjects are QMT 216. QMT 216 means Introduction to Statistic. This subjects are quiet difficult compared to the other subjects according to the senior last semester, but I will try my best to get scored in this subjects to make sure that my pointer will increase. Actually this is not the tough subjects because if you compared to the other subjects this subjects are easy compared to the FIN subjects. FIN subjects need to remember a lot of formula. I will share with you all about my lecturer for this subjects that are Professor Madya Ruhana Bte Zainuddin. She is very strict person and likes to share the story about the Islamic. She also likes to give `tazkirah’ before starting the class and it was very interesting. She likes to give advice to our student and her also sincere to share their knowledge with the student. I just hope that one day I will get the best scored for this subjects. Insyaallah........

Besides that, the additional subjects that are taken for this semester are BMD 101. BMD means Mandarin Language and the code are 101. This is my favourite subjects that I like for this semester because I enjoy to learn the new language that are very interesting and I will enjoy it. I also can speak a little bit mandarin language because I have already learnt a lot of sentences and I will enjoy it.For these subjects, we have only 2 credit hours. We don’t have the final examination for this paper because we have a listening, speaking, and reading test for these subjects. Lecturers for this subject are Mr. Lim Yoon Choong. He is very funny and cute person. He loves to smile when he teach how to pronouns the word correctly. He also very funny and he look small when he was teaching in front. I will hope in these subjects I will get `A’ for this subject.

Last but not least, my co-curriculum subjects are Red Crescent Society that is HBU 134. This is the last semester that I will take for this semester after one and half year I will involved it. The objectives that I will learn in these subjects are to help the patient that really needs the help. These subjects actually are quite bored and after I learn stages b stages I will feel interesting in this subjects I will help the people when they feel sick. Lastly, I will hope that I will get `A’ in these subjects for this last semester. Wish me luck..... dada

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